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Stop Browsing, Start Chatting.

A brand new way to interact with the web, because conversation is the new navigation. Ask, interact and engage with the user interface of the future, today. A new generation of webmasters on the go, ready to create a custom web for you, now.

Assisted navigation

What if your website could talk? ai-ssist is your brand new pilothouse for browsing the web.

Your web browser enters a new realm, being able to build your desired contents just the way you need.

On demand navigation! A friendly & intuitive website interaction. Be smart. Meet ai-ssist.


Content managing ad hoc

Forget about menus and navigation bars, also search buttons are an old-fashioned thing.

Ask for content and Robo displays or goes straight to it with no need of a click. Your costumers don’t have to click on tabs, search around the web looking for what they want. ai-ssist remembers your costumer and the website contents of their choice. Costumers can ask for prices, change the color of their favorite product, add extra features and ask direct advice about fashion tendencies.

There is no limit.

2 ways of interaction

The assistant is now available for WordPress, in 2 types of website interaction: overlay and pop-up.

Many more content managing systems will be supported soon!


Truly natural language assisted web UX. ai-ssist overlay is an integral part of the web, not just a bot on an isle. The entire page becomes an interactive chat room. Ask for anything on the left and get rich answers on the right.


The smart dialogue box pops up on every page. Smarter than ever and as fast as your fingertips. New command-wise navigation! Forget about clicking, ai-ssist pops up the right content at the right moment.

Ready for developers!

Wizard configurator

Wizard configurator

Account creation, keys and endpoints.

Rich or simple post type

Rich or simple post type

Code, plain text and WYSIWYG answers.

API friendly

API friendly

Training and entity models, knowledge & bot manager.

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